Totaljobs loses half a million visitors from Google case study

Totaljobs loses half a million visitors from Google case study

I have used several Job sites in the past decade including Monster, Reed, Indeed and Totaljobs which is by far my favourite because of their regular emails which are consistent with the settings that I define. However when looking up on all the above mentioned sites SEO campaigns I was saddened to find that TotalJobs had suffered the worst fate.

By looking at the graph below we can observe that in February of this year the TotalJobs site – – received around 2 Million visitors from the major search engines yet sadly this July the number of organic search visitors is only 1.42 Million which represents a total decrease of over half a million monthly visitors. This is a massive decrease of traffic in a matter of months.


Why did this drop in search traffic occur?

By looking at TotalJobs’ backlink portfolio represented in the graph below the signs are clearly visible. Since mid-march up until now the number of backlinks and the number of domains linking to the site has increased tremendously. When looking at a sites backlink portfolio there should never ever be visible spikes and between march and July the spike is obvious. In the space of 3 months TotalJobs has gone from having 6000 sites linking back to having 8000 referring sites which is a massive increase and does not correlate with previous months. An online footprint has been left which clearly shows that human meddling towards the site’s SEO has occurred.


Another factor that has helped the search engine robots find a human footprint is the Anchor Terms used whilst gaining these backlinks. The anchor text is the word/s or terms used to link a site to another and these should almost always be natural or brand terms. Noone would link to another site with terms such as buy poker chips or cheap insurance preferring instead preferring to use their brand names or terms such as click here or see this site.

The anchor text used by TotalJobs leaves a lot to be desired. Looking at the graph below we can see that the term most used to link back to the TotalJobs site is ‘jobs in the uk’ which is present on 450k pages while is only present on 6k pages. This should be the other way around and clearly shows that someone has tried to manipulate rankings on the search engines.


SEO Prediction for the Future

The TotalJobs search traffic will continue to fall drastically over the coming months unless these discrepancies are cleared up. Having worked on a couple of Job Sites SEO campaigns it will take a long time to clear up, remove and disavow 2 thousand referring domains and 450 thousand pages of links however there is a lot of traffic to be gained. Millions of visitors will flood the site once the site’s backlinks have been cleaned and an outreach program is performed with the intention of gaining organic links whilst simultaneously gaining social media shares. Go on TotalJobs and show the other Job sites how it is done, again!

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